Day off, Get Bored, Start Blog…

The title says it all I suppose. Having been woken by the dog at 7am and not needing to get ready for work, I was immediately on the computer. After absorbing the news sites, Twitter and Facebook, (yes, to my never ending shame, I do like to read a bit of gossip), I sat back and wondered what to do. After coming up blank on my other blogs, staring at the screen, unable to think of a thing to write, I thought about my current position, and so The Diary was born.

I’m the Assistant Manager for a community interest project called TechStart, based in my home town of Aldershot. I’m also the network designer and systems admin. My boss Mark and I also fulfil the roles of customer service engineers, IT trainers and sales engineers. This means I am many things within TechStart, as is Mark. I am also a woman (as if the header page isn’t a dead giveaway), which means that, in the great, seemingly male-dominated world of IT, there can be extra obstacles to overcome. This blog is the result of wanting to see, and share, those obstacles, if and when encountered, and share them, in the hope that it may help, in some small way, to reduce or even eliminate them.

I am also trans, (another dead giveaway in the header), giving rise to a completely separate set of problems that only trans people will encounter, so I will write about these as well, for much the same reasons.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t gone into this with any great deal of planning. Its not going to be filled with long-winded analyses of situations, (although I will talk about them), nor is it a platform for insults, slanging matches, take-downs or other bad behaviour (not that I do such things). There may be days that I miss, days that I am so tired I cannot post , but generally I will try to keep up.

Christine x

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