Nothing Important Happened Today…

Great. Start my new blog by ripping off the X-Files. Its true though. A very quiet day. It usually is on a Tuesday, since we’re closed to the public. We use Tuesdays to sort stuff out, like the network, servers and general maintenance. Oh, and building Linux suites. Something that Mark and I were doing tonight.

Mark decided he didn’t really like the seating area at the front of the store and wanted to do something with it. I remarked that with the continued rise of the Linux desktop distro’s it might be a good idea to have an area where our customers can try out Linux. He agreed so we started pulling everything apart and rebuilding. Both of us have a bit of an ‘over the top’ view of how things should look so, dual screens on everything, big network switch, everything in black. I had to leave before we’d finished so I left Mark to it. My job for the morning is to install the OS’s. We’re thinking Elementry OS, Mint 17 and Zorin, three of the easiest distro’s to use for non-Linux users. I also need to put in a new router to isolate this small network from the rest but still give it internet access. Should be fun.

So, if you’ve never used Linux, come down to TechStart and give it a try. You never know, you may like it.


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