If You Think This Belongs Elsewhere, then I Don’t Want To Know You…

There’s something to be said for talking to people who share certain traits. I am a trans woman. I make no bones about it and don’t hide it. Not do I go around shouting about it. I inform the people who need to know and then leave others to form their own opinions. Maybe its wrong, maybe its different but, either way, its just the way I am. This is the only time I am going to shout about it. TechStart is a trans friendly space. Its the only way I can put it.

If you are a trans woman in the Aldershot/Farnborough/Farnham area, (or any other area for that matter and can travel), and need a safe space to volunteer for your RLE or any other reason, then come to TechStart and ask for Christine.

If you’re unsure then email me and we can talk. christine.anderson@techstart.org.uk

We really are here to help.

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