Hidden Triggers

I’ve decided to scrub this blog a bit and start again. All the original posts are still there, just hidden. Mainly because they really had no relevance to what this blog was about, apart from the ones about Ripley. Those I will put back up on their own page at some point but, for now, they’ll remain hidden until I have some updates on Ripley (which shouldn’t be too long).

I originally started this blog when I was working at TechStart but, as of the 17th September 2016, TechStart closed and is no more, unfortunately. Since then, I’ve been trying to keep busy starting my own company,  studying IT security & malware, trying to work on Ripley and now, I’ve joined an LGBT charity called Outline, based in Woking, as a trustee primarily responsible for IT and as SysAdmin.

I’ve also been writing music under the name ‘TransSonix‘. Thanks to my friend Ruth, I am now the proud owner of a 1985 vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 synth, an awesome sampling synth which, thanks to it’s MIDI interface, also doubles as a DAW controller enabling me to play a vast array of other synths. I’m loving it.

So, things aren’t too bad at the mo. Going slow but at least there’s room for improvement.


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